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Vennela 1 1/2 Movie Review

Time:09:01 am Date: Sep 21, 2012

Film: Vennela 1 1/2

Starring: Chaitanya, Monal Gajjar,Vennela Kishore,Brahmanandam

Director: Vennela Kishore

Producer: Vasu, Varma

Banner: GR8 Productions banner

Music: Sunil Kashyap


Way2movies brings you Vennela 1 1/2 Movie Review. Checkout Vennela 1 1/2 (One and half) Review right here on way2movies.


Krishna Krishna aka KK (Chaitanya Krishna) is the Son Krishna Industries owner studying in Bangkok who makes his hobby in splitting the couples in love. In this regard, he takes the task of splitting engaged couple Vennela (Monal Gajjar) and Sravan (Sravan). KK woos Vennela and the latter reciprocates to him. In this process, unknowingly Krishna falls in love with Vennela. Who is behind his mission? Did he succeed in splitting Sravan and Vennela forms the crux.


Chaitanya Krishna looked handsome and his acting is decent while he makes a good impression as a dancer. Monal Gajjar looked in good in few frames but she sure needs to work on her expressions. Vennela Kishore’s role is mediocre while Tagubothu Ramesh is the saving grace. Raghu Babu and Master Bharat comedy looked forced, Brahmanandam’s role not etched well and Sravan got wasted.

Technical Analysis:

Cinematography is good and DI works are fine. Sunil Kashyap’s music doesn’t attract the audiences and so is the re-recording. Editing is inconsistent while the dialogues are pathetic. Vennela Kishore’s direction and screenplay are poor. Production values are standard.


Vennela Kishore who earned his debut film title in his name has directed the sequel with Vennela 1 ˝ but the audiences who like Vennela will surely be disappointed with the sequel for its content. Barring some comedy parts the film is incompetent. While the happenings tests our patience in the first half, we get an opinion that first half is far better than second at the climax and neither the climax is interesting. Vennela 1 ˝ fails in making you glued to the screens with its laggings and boring tracks. The youthful feel in the prequel is missing in this wafer thin story which is executed with A rated comedy, a minus for the film taking such title Vennela. Vennela Kishore fails as a director with his debut film.

Final Verdict

Except for few comedy parts, Vennela 1 ˝ has nothing to offer…

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Sep 22, 2012 at 10:43 am

1.5 title ki justified rating

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