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Jabardasth 14th November 2013

Jabardasth 14th November 2013

Kevvu Keka Comedy Show - Krishnudu

Kevvu Keka Comedy Show - Krishnudu

Funny Chit Chat with Brahmi And Vishnu

Funny Chit Chat with Brahmi And Vishnu


Ulavacharu Biryani Movie Review

Time:01:00 am Date: Jun 06, 2014

Film: Ulavacharu Biryani

Starring: Prakash Raj,Sneha,Urvashi

Director: Prakash Raj

Producer: Prakash Raj

Banner: Sri Venkateswara Creations

Music: Ilayaraja


Ulavacharu Biryani Movie Review on way2movies. Read on Prakash Raj, Sneha Ulavacharu Biryani review here.


Kalidasu (Prakash Raj) works in archaeological department but still leads a bachelor life. He is a foodie and loves to cook. His uncle (MS Narayana) and a cook (Brahmaji) live with him. One day Gowri (Sneha) a dubbing artiste and 35 year old unmarried lady by mistake dial wrong number which goes to Kalidasu instead of a hotel. Though they start up with a fight, they develop friendship and begin liking for each other in the process of several calls. The duo decides to meet one day, but due to fear of their physical appearances and age factor they send others. While Kalidasu sends his nephew Naveen (Tejus), Gowri sends her friend Meghana (Samyukta Hornad). How does the young couple manage with their old peers names? Will Kalidasu and Gowri meet and unite forms rest.


Prakash Raj sleepwalks through the role Kalidasu with perfection. He is at his usual best and his dialogue delivery, body language fits well for the characterization.

Sneha looked beautiful and she is convincing in the role of Gowri. She steals the show in the first hour of the film and her chemistry with Prakash Raj is a good watch.

Both young actors Tejus and Samyuktha Hornad did justice to their roles. MS Narayana, Brahmaji are hilarious while Urvashi, Aishwarya are adequate.

Technical Analysis

Cinematography by Preetha is brilliant and the visuals are very effective. Ilayarajaís musical scores are ear-pleasing and so is the filmís background score. Prakash Raj fails to score in direction; screenplay is uninteresting in second hour. Editing is inconsistent. Creative Commercial banner production values are standard.


Ulavacharu Biryani is a romantic entertainer with a matured concept. The Malayalam version has the right mix of comedy, romance but for the Telugu version, it lacked the needed spice. The makers have opted for unnecessary changes to bring in nativity factor and the screenplay has turned out to be unexciting. The first hour of the movie runs at a decent pace and Prakash Raj, Sneha conversations are quite good. Despite the less commercial elements, itís packed with feel good and emotional scenes. However, the second half turns out to be a spoiler with its slow pace that takes forever for the end titles. Tejus and Samyukta Hornadís story looked immatured.

Ulavacharu Biryani hasnít had much story which is on the similar lines of Lovely movie. Itís a screenplay based movie which need taut script but the second half has lots of unnecessary scenes and predictable proceedings. Prakash Raj though succeeded as actor fails to engage the audiences as director. All in all, Ulavacharu Biryani has some beautiful moments but the slow paced second half turns out to be a spoiler to this matured love story

Final Verdict

Ulavacharu Biryani- Lacks Spice!!!

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