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Interview With Richa Gangopadhya in Local Taxi

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Mr.Pellikoduku Movie Review

Time:01:00 am Date: Mar 01, 2013

Film: Mr.Pellikoduku

Starring: Sunil,Isha Chwala,Ali,Dharmavarapu Subramanayam

Director: Devi Prasad

Producer: NV Prasad, Paris Jain

Banner: Mega Super Good Films Pvt. Ltd

Music: SA Rajkumar


Way2movies brings you Mr. Pellikoduku movie review.Checkout Sunil and Isha Chawla starrer Mr.Pellikoduku review below…


Buchibabu (Sunil) returns to India from USA after a long gap of 6years due to the pressure of his family for marriage proposal. Buchi Babu instantly falls in love with Anjali (Isha Chawla) in his first pelli choopulu but the latter has some other plans and has a boy friend as well. She shows her wild side to Buchi Babu with which he drops of the marriage proposal and decides to go ahead to see other bridegrooms. However, Buchibabu couldn’t forget Anjali and meanwhile, the duo again meets at their friend’s wedding and what happens between them forms the rest of the story


Sunil’s look and appearance in the film are bad at more instances and the makers should have taken care on his makeup which looked odd. Either the hairstyle or his makeup didn’t suit him. His dances are good at places while it looked routine and odd at few instances.

Isha Chawla is beautiful and she has done a good job. She has a good screen time and the story revolves around her role.

Ali and Ravi Babu bring some laughs while Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, MS Narayana and Ahuthi Prasad suited their roles well.

Technical Analysis

Cinematography by Sameer Reddy is good while S.A. Rajkumar’s musical scores don’t impress you. The background score is yet another minus for the film. Nandamuri Hari’s editing could have been better and dialogues are good in parts. Devi Prasad’s direction is not upto the mark while the screenplay is not gripping. Production values are mediocre.


It is known that Mr.Pellikoduku is the official remake of Tanu weds Manu and the remake sticks to the original story but fails in execution. Firstly, the Hindi version turned out good hit for the lead characters performances and the film’s dialogues. But Mr.Pellikoduku couldn’t match up to Hindi version in both the aspects.

The plot is interesting while the scenes in the first half strike the chord. The first half has good number of comedy scenes but the second half moves at slow pace and the emotional scenes lacks intensity and depth. On the other hand, neither of the songs nor the picturizations are impressive and too many songs test one’s patience. Despite the unique and good storyline, the film looked outdated due to the poorly penned script and music. The climax fight and the scenes with Sunil going shirtless looked forced and unrealistic.

Final Verdict

Mr.Pellikoduku is a routine remake with outdated content...

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Mar 09, 2013 at 4:05 pm

i want cinema didnot opeing


Mar 02, 2013 at 09:43 am

Nice of u Sunil it nice movie with Comedy

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