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Asura Telugu Movie Review

Time:01:00 am Date: Jun 05, 2015

Film: Asura

Starring: Nara Rohit, Priya Banerjee

Director: Krishna Vijay

Producer: Shyam Devabhaktuni

Banner: Devas Media, Entertainment

Music: Sai Kartheek


Nara Rohit's Asura Movie Review exclusively at . Rohit is back with a cop story, will he be able to win audiences heart as Police officer yet again? Read Review of Asura.


Asura is the story of astute jailer Dharma [Nara Rohit], who doesn't mince his words and believe Bad is Good [on duty]. A dreaded acquit Charlie [Ravi Varma], who is sentenced to death is brought to Dharma's Prison. Twist in the tale is when Charlie plans to escape from jail with the help of local goons. On the other side, Dharma's love Harika [Priya Banerjee] gets kidnapped. Will Charlie run away from jail? Will Dharma save Harika? Watch Asura in theaters to know how Dharma handled the pressure.


Nara Rohit is back with a bang. Known for his penchant for unique scripts, story-narration-dialogues worked in favour of Rohit. While, his base voice is an asset he appeared little hefty in parts.

Ravi Varma is equally best as Rohit. Ravi suited the bill and all his confrontation parts with Nara Rohit are perfectly executed. Ravi Varma has to be appreciated for grabbing the opportunity with open arms.

Priya Banerjee has done her parts well. She is given a limited role, as director concentrated more on action part than romance.

Vennela Rama Rao as constable Madhava and Bhanu Avirneni as the hangman delivered notable performances among others.

Technical Analysis:

Kaushik Vijay has done a great job. Though the movie has a share of flaws, they are negotiable with the flow of the movie. Dialogues needs a special mention. Screenplay is an asset, other than the pace of the movie that slightly dops in the second half.

Besides songs, Sai Kartheek's background music takes the movie a step higher. Cinematography is one of the highlight. All the jail sequences are well captured with good colour tone.

Editing by Dharmendra K is crisp and acceptable with the slick 2 hours run time .

Asura is a lavish production by Shyam Devabhaktuni on Devas Media and Entertainment banner.


Asura is a classy action entertainer that thrills you with unique and aptly placed twists. Krishna Vijay proves his mettle as a promising filmmaker.

While the movie is technically high with graceful performances on action front, director could have concentrated on commercial aspects such as comedy and romance – to make it appealing to all centers of audiences.

Apart from few slips in the pace like the one in the beginning of second half, Asura is an engaging movie with unpredictable screenplay.

Final Verdict: Interesting Thriller- Must watch for Police Diary lovers...

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