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Sri Rama Rajyam Movie Review

Time:01:00 am Date: Nov 17, 2011

Film: Sri Rama Rajyam

Starring: Balakrishna, Nayantara, Srikanth, Sai Kumar, Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Jaya Sudha, Murali Mohan, K. R. Vijaya, Brahmanandam

Director: Bapu

Producer: Yalamanchali Sai Babu

Banner: Sri Sai Baba Movies

Music: Ilayaraja



Sri Rama Rajyam is the remake of the legend NTR, Anjali Deviís Lavakusa and the story remains same. After the episode of Ravana Samharam Rama and Seeta gets back to Ayodya and the Sri Rama Pattabhishekam takes place. After a brief period of Rama Rajyam, Lord Rama sends wife to forests basing on the accusations made by a washerman in order to protect his family values. Seetha gives birth to Lava and Kusa in Valmiki Ashramam.The rest of the emotional drama of Sri Rama Rajyam is to be watched on big-screens.


Bala Krishna is incredible as Lord Rama. He got into the skin of the role and he is perfect in his diction. However he could have attempted the film a bit earlier in his life. No actor in the current generation might have done with such ease like the Yuvaratna did.

Sri Rama Rajyam is Nayanataraís best performance till date. She is majestic, expressive and outstanding as Godess Seetha. She carried of the role with ease ťlan and proved that she is the right choice for the role in current generation. Nayan could have gone to heights after SRR but unfortunately she is bidding adieu to films. No doubt, the actress will bag many awards and rewards for the film.

Akkineni Nageswara Rao has essayed Valmiki role. Well, what can we talk about him; He is the legend and yet again gives a brilliant performance. He pulled of the role with his seniority and experience. Srikanth leaves an impression as Lakshmana while KR Vijaya is perfect.

Kids who have done Lava and Kusha roles were adorable and have performed well. Roja is good as Bhoodevi, Brahmanandam and Jhansi are okay. Others are adequate.

Technical values

Ilayarajaís music is a big asset and is soul for the film. He provided brilliant background score especially in the emotional scenes. Lyrical values are rich. Cinematography is outstanding. The entire film is a visual grandeur with each and every frame captured greatly. Art work is fantastic. DI and graphics need a special mention. Dialogues by Ramana are good. Bapu has handled the script well and his mark of picturization can be found in each frame. Editing could have been crisp as the run time is almost close to 3 hours. Producer Yalamanchili Sai Babu has spent lavishly on the film.

The production values are on the top notch.


Itís been decades we have seen a full-fledged mythical film like Sri Rama Rajyam. Itís a brave attempt by Bapu, Yalamanchili Sai Babu and Bala Krishna to make the remake of ever green epic LavaKusa. Sri Rama Rajyam has no comparison with it since the actors NTR and Anjali Devi and the makers of the former has set such high standards probably no one can could reach them. However, it was a fine attempt by the current generation team. The makers have not made any changes to the story and screenplay and retained the original. The first half of the film is outstanding with feel good moments, excellent music, Bapu unique style of taking while the second half moves on a slow pace with highly emotional content and the climax picks up the pace. The climax the war between Lakshmana and Lava Kusa was neatly shot and was good onscreen.

Final Verdict

Watch Sri Rama Rajyam for its brilliant and sincere team effort.

User Comments

A.Kesava rao

Dec 19, 2011 at 05:58 am

No words to say. while sitting in the Theater Bapu take away the audience to Ayodhya


Nov 28, 2011 at 8:35 pm

super movie, extraordinary making, wonderful.

A.suesh babur

Nov 21, 2011 at 11:58 am

Excellent.. because of teamwork. many thanks for entire team.


Nov 19, 2011 at 00:44 am

Excellent Movie..once again Bapu proved his success formula for Ramayanam Stories like Sampoorna Ramanayam, Seethe Kalyanam, Sree Ramanajeneya Yuddam...all are super duper hits...Thanks bapu for once again the story of Rama rajyam which wil knows all the younger generation youth and kids.... Balayya performance is already expected..He is the only actor to do these type of Mythological movies like Old NTR....

Srihari Nimmalapudi

Nov 18, 2011 at 7:23 pm

The Movie is an Visual treat for all of us.

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