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Koncham Touchlo Unte Cheptha - Naga Chaitanya

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Jabardasth 25th September 2014 Full Episode Video

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Koncham Touchlo Unte Cheptha - Kajal Aggarwal


Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu Music Review

Time:2:48 pm Date: Sep 04, 2012

Film: Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu

Starring: Nani,Samantha,Krishnudu, Vidhyu, Anupama

Director: Gautham Menon

Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh

Banner: Photon Kathaas ,RS Infotainment

Music: Ilayaraja

With Nani and Samantha in the lead roles, director Gautham Menon is all set to come up with a romantic caper Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu. Gautham Menon’s earlier films Surya S/o Krishnan and Ye Maya Chesave were musical hits and music lovers usually had the good expectations but when Maestro Ilaiyaraja joins the crew, the expectations on the album reached even higher. Let’s wait to see what YVM album has in store for us… Here is the Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu music review…

Song 01: Koti Koti  -- 3.25/5

Singer: Karthik

Koti Koti is a typical Ilayaraja’s style track that reminds you of his 80’s and 90’s songs. It takes off with harmony and the instrumentation is pleasant with the addition of saxophone. The tune is catchy and the lyrics are beautifully penned. Karthik’s rendition is pleasant to the ears while the chorus in the later part of song is haunting.

Song 02: Nachaledu Maava – 3/5

Singer: Suraj Jagan, Karthik

The rock mode song is a youthful number which is all about the life of teenagers in college. Despite beginning with drum beats and electric guitars attracting classy music lovers, it soon turns into folk kind oddly. Singers Suraj Jagan, Karthik have done good job keeping up the high energy levels while the lyrics will work for youth.

Song 03: Yenthentha Dooram – 4.25/5

Singer: Karthik

Yenthentha Dooram is sure going to be a chartbuster for its beautiful instrumentation and lovable rendition. Karthik is at his sharpest best, and is mellifluous to the ears. Maestro’s instrumental interludes are definitely top notch. The lyrics are fabulously penned and are haunting.

Song 04: Yedhi Yedhi – 3.75/5

Singer: Shaan, Ramya NSK

Shaan and Ramya NSK goes behind the mike for the soft duet Yedhi Yedhi. The ear-pleasing composition connects with the listeners and the rise and fall of tempo makes it interesting. The guitar and the percussive beats add peppiness and the use of piano gives the song an edge. . Yedhi Yedhi grows on you with the repeated listening and has the potential to be a chartbuster.

Song 05: Ardhamayyindinthe Inthena -- 3/5

Singer: Yuvan Shankar Raja

The Fast-paced song takes off with heavy metal touches and heavy instrumentation with electric guitar and drums beats. Yuvan Shanakar Raja’s rendition is youthful and appealing. The lyrics are about guy’s anguish on love and his love interest. It’s Ilayaraja’s distinct song and let’s see how the music lovers receive it.

Song 06: Atu Itu --3.5/5

Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan

Atu Itu is yet another rock song packed with long prelude, electronic sounds and strong orchestration. Sunidhi Chauhan with her high energy levels uplifts the spirit of the song. The violin and other strings gives the required feel to the lyrics.

Song 07: Intha Kaalam – 3.25/5

Singer: Ramya NSK

A slow paced song sorrow track with soft instrumentation and the singer Ramya catches our attention with her symphony and shifting the pitch easily. The song experiments a lot with percussions and rise and fall of tempo is impressive. Such songs will be likeable on-screens as it’s a situation based number. Let’s wait for the audio.

Song 08: Laayi Laayi – 3.5/5

Singer: Ilayaraja, Bala Shende

The duet delivers the feel of 90’s songs and Ilayaraja initially sets the mood of the song with taking it off with the pleasant orchestra. Apart from scoring Ilayaraja has also lent the voice for the film, which is pleasing. The soft, soothing beginning makes you away.

Final Say

Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu is packed with Ilayaraja's signature style tracks and with a couple of songs he takes us to 90’s feel. As always, Ilayaraja stayed away from the typical formula numbers and offers us soothing, balmy and a pleasant album. YVM grows on you with the repeated listening…

Listen Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu Songs Here