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Koncham Touchlo Unte Cheptha - Naga Chaitanya

Koncham Touchlo Unte Cheptha - Naga Chaitanya

Jabardasth 25th September 2014 Full Episode Video

Jabardasth 25th September 2014 Full Episode Video

Koncham Touchlo Unte Cheptha - Kajal Aggarwal

Koncham Touchlo Unte Cheptha - Kajal Aggarwal


Damarukam Music Review

Time:3:24 pm Date: Sep 13, 2012

Film: Damarukam

Starring: Nagarjuna,Anushka,Prakash Raj

Director: Srinivasa Reddy

Producer: Venkat

Banner: RR Movie Makers

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Damarukam, Nagarjuna’s first socio-fantasy film and his most expensive film produced by RR Movie Makers and directed by Srinivas Reddy is set for Dussera release in October. Anushka is the heroine. Devi Sri Prasad who gave chartbuster songs like Manmadhudu, Mass and King has composed musical scores for Damarukam. The interesting fact is Damarukam is Devi Sri Prasad’s 50th film in Telugu and let’s see how he has scored for the album. Checkout the Damarukam music review…

Song 01: Omkaram Srushti – 4/5

Singer: Venkat Sai

The album takes off with this bit devotional song on Lord Siva. It starts with the chant Om and lyricist Jonnavitthula has penned the song concentrating on the several names of Lord Siva and it sounds like a mantram. Venkat Sai rendered the song melodiously. Good Start for the album…

Song 02: Panchagraha kootam -- 3.75/5

Singer: Karthik

Panchagraha kootam is more like a background-ish song and Karthik’s vocal adds the needed devotion essence to the song. Devi Sri Prasad relied on the drum beats for the track. The number goes with strong drum beats all over . Brilliant work by Jonnavitthula again. Take a listen

Song 03: Nesthama Nesthama – 3.25/5

Singer: Sri Krishna, Harini

This number Nesthama Nesthama starts at a slow pace and has good melody in it. Both Sri Krishna, Harini vocals are mesmerizing and soothing. Bhaskarbhatla is known for such beautiful duets and he once again proves it. The song stands out for its class appeal and instrumentation. A hummable melody…

Song 04: Reppalapai --3/5

Singer: Hariharan, Myriad Pro

Reppalapai is a typical Devi Sri Prasad’s number where the music and lyrics sync well in this song but it makes you remember DSP’s previous songs like A to Z from King and Jule Jule from Varsham. Hariharan, Myriad Pro made a good effort in voicing the song

Song 05: Dheemtana – 3.25/5

Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

This is yet another is the bit song on Lord Siva and is a situational background song. DSP’s choice of instrumentation provides great support to the vocal strength of Shankar Mahadevan. Such songs will be appealing after watching on-screens.

Song 06: Sakku Bhai – 3.5/5

Singer: Suchit Suresan, Mamta Sharma

Here is the song for all the masses out there. Rama Jogayya Sastry did an okay job with the lyrics while Devi Sri Prasad made it foot percussion with the repetitive drum beats. Mamta Sharma once again rocked the number with her vocals after the very popular Gabbar Singh and this one is sure to become chartbuster. Listen to this Devi’s massy tune.

Song 07: Laali Laali – 3.25/5

Singer: Gopika Poornima

Gopika Poornima sings this soft lullaby. Laali Laali is a peaceful, melodious song and makes a refreshing listen.

Song 08: Bhoonabhontaalake – 3.5/5

Singer: MLR Karthikeyan

The song starts with chant of Jai Jai Shankara and Shiva Shiva Shankara and it goes all the song in the background which catches your attention. The track is situational and looks like it is placed in the film for elevating the main plot scenes. All credits Jonnavitthula who has devoted the lyrics to Lord Siva.

Song 09: Kanya Kumari – 3/5

Singer: Jaspreet Jasz, Sunitha

This Jaspreet Jasz, Chinmayee’s Kanaya Kumari track is a fast beat number and starts with a catchy tune. However it fails to engage you in the latter half despite the singers making their full efforts. If picturised well, it may appeal to the audience otherwise it would be a tedious number.

Song 10: Shiva Shiva Shankara – 4.25/5

Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

The album ends with another powerful devotion song Shiva Shiva Shankara. Jonnavithula is a master lyricist who can grab the viewers’ attention with his influential inspiring words. Looks like, this is the climax song of the film and it appears in the crucial situation. Shankar Mahadevan croons for this song with enough gusto and conviction and does justice. The music doesn’t override the singer’s voice and this makes it a perfect number. The song had an energetic start with perfect drumbeats and violin interludes.

Final Say

Damarukam has the mix of devotional tracks on Lord Siva along with the romantic duets and a mass track. The devotion numbers are highly appealing and catch your attention while the duets are likeable with the repeated listen. Sakkubai will be instantly liked by masses. DSP scores well with his 50th album Damarukam.

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