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Koncham Touchlo Unte Cheptha - Naga Chaitanya

Koncham Touchlo Unte Cheptha - Naga Chaitanya

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Jabardasth 25th September 2014 Full Episode Video

Koncham Touchlo Unte Cheptha - Kajal Aggarwal

Koncham Touchlo Unte Cheptha - Kajal Aggarwal


Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu music review

Time:11:39 am Date: Sep 27, 2012

Film: Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu

Starring: Pawan Kalyan,Tamanna,Kota Srinivasa Rao

Director: Puri Jagannadh

Producer: DVV.Danayya

Banner: Universal Media Banner

Music: Mani Sharma

Power Star Pawan Kalyan, Puri Jagannadh combination film Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu audio has hit the markets and Mani Sharma provided the music. Pawan Kalyan’s previous film Gabbar Singh was a super blockbuster and a musical hit too and now, let’s find out how is the music of CMGR which is hitting the screens on October 18 for Dussera…  Checkout the music review of Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu on

1. Theme Song ---   3/5

Singers: Hemachandra, Karunya, Narendra, Chorus

Lyricist: Bhaskarbhatla

Unlike many albums CMGR opens off with Theme song. The tune is catchy but not refreshing though as it has the instances of Prabhas Billa song. Bhaskarbhatla’s lyrics elevate the main lead’s character which works for the track. Singers Hemachandra, Karunya, Narendra have done the good job with their powerful crooning. Rather than the audio, such songs create strong impact with the video.

2. Pillani Chuste  --  3.25/5

Singers: Karunya, Chaitra

Lyricist: Bhaskarbhatla

Karunya and Chaitra go behind the mike for this peppy number which is a typical Mani Sharma number. Pillani Chuste is the mix of western and mass beats that has a scope for dance. Bhaskarbhatla’s lyrics will gel with the masses. Well, let’s wait to watch how Pawan Kalyan and Tamanna impress us on-screen…

3. Jaramochindi    --  3/5

Singers: Kushi Murali, Shravana Bhargavi

Lyricist: Bhaskarbhatla

Jaramochindi is the item song of the film and has the potential to reach the masses. Lyrics are a bit funny and the song could stay longer with the listeners provided it impresses with the picturisation. Mani Sharma has composed it as a fast paced number with the folk touch and heavy drum beats giving scope for more dance moves. Shravana Bhargavi is totally impressive.

4. Extraordinary   -- 3.5/5

Singers: Hemachandra

Lyricist: Bhaskarbhatla

Next up is a western beats with traditional beats touch song Extraordinary with Hema Chandra behind the mike. Hema Chandra did an extraordinary job which has blended really well with a fresh composition sung. Bhaskarbhatla has penned the lyrics, and he has done his job well with a unique thought highlighting the word Extraordinary. However, the picturisation of the song makes more impact.

5. Melikalu   --- 3/5

Singers: Narendra, Geetha Madhuri

Lyricist: Bhaskarbhatla

Next on the playlist is Melikalu that has a mix of western with electronic beats, which is a lift from ‘Riva Riva Rivala Matha..’ number. Very entertainingly composed number and both the singers Narendra, Geetha Madhuri delivered their best. The beats are peppy and have the scope for dance.

6. Thaladinchaku   -- 3/5

Singers: Karunya, Hemachandra, Srikrishna, Narendra

Lyricist: Bhaskarbhatla

The message conveying song which seems to occur during the peak situation in the story. Bhaskarbhatla penned powerful words while ManiSharma’s tune is not innovative and lacks influence. Karunya, Hemachandra, Srikrishna, Narendra did an okay job.

Final Say

Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu [CMGR] has a peppy and entertaining numbers that go well with the youth and masses. But Mani Sharma’s tunes aren’t refreshing or innovative as it reminds you of his past works or other popular beats. However, the choice of singers is apt who have breathed life into the otherwise not so refreshing compositions. CMGR album will stay longer with the listeners if the picturisation is impressive. Give a listen!!!

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