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Ram, Santosh Srinivas film release on 30 September

Ram, Santosh Srinivas film release on 30 September

I Want To Dub And Sing In My Next Telugu Film - Aditi Singh

I Want To Dub And Sing In My Next Telugu Film - Aditi Singh

The BFG release on July 29th

The BFG release on July 29th

Hits and Flops of 2009

Hits and Flops of 2009 - Exclusive

on Jan 01, 2010

Tollywood’s film indusry went through up’s and down’s this year.The year approximately saw 125 movies, but the hits can be counted on finger tips.Some of the movies saw huge disasters while some were boxoffice hits.2009 can be declared as highest losses lowest hits year. Here is the review of hits and misses of 2009.


The year started with Krishna Vamsi’s Sasirekha Parinayam which was released on Jan 1’st starring Genelia and Tarun in the lead roles and Posani Krishna Murali’s Mental Krishna and Sivaji’s Indumati also released on the New year day . Sasirekha Parinayam was attracted to few categories of people. Mental Krishna although went through some controversies, it made some collections. Ram,Hansika, Sheela starrer Maska produced by M.S.Raju released for Pongal but remained as an average film, not reaching to its higher expectations. Allari Naresh’s fitting master also released for Pongal was an average film.

Anushka-Kodi Rama Krishna combo pack, Arundathi released a day later sankranthi created wonders and resulted in a sensational box-Office hit by breaking many top-heroes records. It collected Rs 30 crore and was the first hit of the year .The movies that were released later were small-budget movies with new cast and remained as flops. Totally, tollywood brought 20 movies in this month.


10 movies were released in this month while none remained as a hit. Siddhath-Tamannah starrer Konchem Istam Konchem Kastam(KIKK) is the only movie that brought an average talk in this month which is targeted towards family crowds. Nitin’s ‘Drona ‘ which  has come up with expectations bombed at the box-office. Incompetent direction and bad villain characterization are few reasons for the movie getting flop. Priyamani’s skimpiest bikini show did not help the movie in any way. Jagapatibabu’s Siddam and charmi’s 16days remained as flops.


March also brought 10 movies to the big screens. Many low-budget movies were released like Amma Rajashekar’s Bheebatsam, Charmi’s Manorama. Aakasamantha that was dubbed from the Tamil version released in this month. Aakasamantha is a different film made on relationships. Prakash Raj performance, entertaining first-half gained applauses from the family crowds in A centers


The much awaited film with large hype Prabhas starrer ‘Billa’ was released in this hot elections month. Prabhas made an attempt to attract the audience with his well toned and highly muscular body in the role of the don and his timing dialogues and stylish steps earned plus points to the movie. . Although movie did not reach to its higher expectations the movie remained as an average one. Jagapati babu’s Adineta which was released in this month remained as a below average movie. Only 5 movies were released in this month


The hot month saw 16 movies in tollywood. Nandamuri BalaKrishna’s Mitrudu has been released on the May Day .Although movie did not make any success BalaKrishna was shown in a new style. The movie lacked in commercial payoffs and there was no relevance to the title and the story. Jagapati babu’s Bangaru babu that was released on the same day failed to grab the family audience attention too. Ravi teja’s Kick released in the second week of the month resulted as a successful box-office hit of summer. Surrendar reddy, the action movies director proved himself with this movie as a comedy-entertainer too. Kick attracted all categories of audience and stood as one of the larger hits of 2009. Vishal, Sreya starrer ‘Pista’ which has come up with huge expectations also remained as a below average film. Manchu Manoj’s small budget movie Prayanam also released in the same month. The director tried out a new and different film with interesting premise, good music and class comedy. Prayanam has done well and had got back its revenues.


June totally saw 14 movies but none of them remained as a hit. Kavya’s diary,Ride, Current, Boni, Evaraina Eppudaina were released in this month. Nani, Tanish, Shweta Basu Prasad, Aksha starrer ‘Ride’ did a better job. Sumanth’s Boni with a debutant director washed out from an average list too. Sushanth, Sneha Ullal’s current has become a failure although the music was a bit success. Audience did not even notice the movies like Raja sekhar’s Na style veru, Varun Sandesh’s Evaraina Epudaina and Kavya’s diary .


The month started with Siddharth,Shamili starrer oye which has come up with high expectations but overall, stood as an average movie. Gopi Gopika Godavari that was released in the second week stood as an average movie. Ram Charan , Rajamouli combo Magadheera released on 30th July did wonders at the box office . Magadheera is the highest budgeted Telugu film and became the highest Tollywood grosser ever made. It crossed all south Indian records in collections and stood as 2nd biggest hit in India collecting share about 114 crores (including satellite rights), with a still run in theaters.


Nani, Madhavi latha starrer Snehithuda, Vikram’s Mallanna, Ravi teja’s Aanjaneyulu were few released movies in this month. Small budget movies with new cast were washed away due to the effect of Magadheera. Vikram’s Mallanna which came up with huge expectations and heavy budget ended up as a disaster. Sreya exposing with skimpiest costumes could not help the movie. Raviteja’s comedy entertainer ‘Anjaneyulu’ ended up with an average talk.


Star son Naga Chaitanya’s Josh was launched this month. Chaitanya received good applauses from the audience with his action and dialogue delivery. However, the movie did not make success. Gopichand, Trisha starrer ‘Sankham’ also was one of the disasters of the year. Nara Rohit’s debut movie ‘Banam’ brought some praises for the film-makers.

Kamal Haasan, Venkatesh’s Remake movie ‘Eenadu’ which was a hit movie in Hindi did not make success here due to reasons like characterizations and script changes from the original one. Ram, Kajal starrer Ganesh and Nitin, Ileana starrer Rechipo did not receive any success at the box-office.


Krishna vamsi’s Mahatma released on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti went through few controversies. Although Gandhiji orientation was a plus point, the making standards were diluted; it did not receive an expected success. Allari Naresh, Kamna Jetmalani starrer Bendu Appa Rao RMP had showed its potential in receiving success at box office. SaiRam shankar’s ‘Bumper Offer also remained as an average movie’ while Kalyan Ram’s Jayeebhava with higher expectations bombed at the box office. Puri – Prabhas combo “Ek Niranjan” also failed to reach the expectations of the audience.

However, the movie earned Rs 12 crore collections in the opening week.


Sequel movies Village lo Vinayakudu and Aarya2 were released in this month. Village lo vinayakudu received good collections from the family viewers of A centers. Allu Arjun’s Arya-2 although got a divide talk in the beginning, made some good collections at the box-office.Srikanth’s ‘A aa E ee ‘varun sandesh’s kurradu remained as disasters at box-office.


Ravi babu’s Amaravathy was released in this month. The director has a sentiment of releasing his movies in the month of December; However sentiment did not work this time. Ravi Babu has got a good script and all ingredients that required for a perfect thriller in the movie. But he couldn’t get the desired results at the end. Saleem which was 23 crores budget movie with huge expectations remained as a disaster at the box-office. The director, Y.V.S chowdary seems to have concentrated more on the budget and heroine rather than the story. Jagapati babu’s pravarakhyudu and Genelia starrer katha also did not meet the expectations. Kasko and Gentle man that were released on the eve of Christmas also failed at the box-office.

Here are some of the movies released in the year, 2009 that were expected high among the audience.

S.NO Movie Cast Released        Month Status
1 SasiRekha Parinayam Tarun,Genelia January Average
2 Mental Krishna Posani Krishna murali , Satya Krishna January Below average
3 Maska Ram, Hansika January Average
4 Arundhati Anushka, Deepak January Box-Office hit
5 Konchem Istam Konchem Kastam Siddhath, Tamannah February Average
6 Siddham Jagapati babu, Sindu menon February Below Average
7 16 DAYS Aravind,Charmi February Below Average
8 Drona Nitin, Priyamani February Below Average
9 Mestri Dasari Narayan Rao March Below Average
10 Aakasamantha Prakash Raj, Trisha March Above Average
11 Billa Prabhas, Anushka,Namitha April Above Average
12 Adhinetha Jagapati Babu, Hamsa nandini ,Shraddha das April Below Average
13 Vedokaade Surya, Tamannah May Average
14 Bangaru Babu Jagapathi Babu, Meera Jasmine May Below Average
15 Mitrudu Bala Krishna, Priyamani May Below Average
16 Kick Ravi Teja, Ileana May Box-Office hit
17 Ananthapuram 1980 Jai, Swathi Below Average
18 Prayanam Manchu Manoj, Harika May Average
19 Pista Vishal, Sreya May Below Average
20 Ride Tanish,Nani,swetha basu prasad,aksha June Above Average
21 Kavya’s diary Manjula, Charmi June Below Average
22 Naa style veru Raja shekhar, Bhumika June Below Average
23 Boni Sumanth, kirthi karabanda June Below Average
24 Current Sushant, Sneha Ullal June Average
25 Evaraina Epudaina Varun Sandesh, Vimala Raman June Below Average
26 Oye Siddharth,Shamili July Above Average
Gopi Gopika Godavari Venu,Kamalini Mukherjee July Average
27 Magadheera Ram Cheran Tej, Kajal July Box-Office hit
28 Snehithuda Nani Madhavi latha August Average
29 Anjaneyulu Ravi teja , Nayanatara August Below Average
30 Mallanna Vikram, Sreya August Below Average
31 Josh Naga Chaitanya, Kartheeka September Below Average
32 Sankham Gopichand, Trisha September Below Average
33 Baanam Nara Rohit, Vedika September Average
34 Eenadu Venkateh, Kamal Haasan September Average
35 Ganesh Ram, Kajal September Below Average
36 Mahatma Srikanth, Bhavana October Average
37 Bendu Apparao Allari Naresh, Kamna Jatmalani October Hit
38 Jayeebhava Kalyan Ram, Hansika October Below Average
39 Ekniranjan Prabhas, Kangana Ranaut October Average
40 Village lo Vinayakudu Krishnudu, Saranya November Average
41 A aa e ee Srikanth, Meera jasmine, Sada November Below Average
42 2012 John cusack, Amanda peet November Hit
43 Kurradu Varun Sandesh, Neha November Below Average
44 Arya2 Allu Arjun, Kajal November Above Average
45 Pravarakhyudu Jagapathi babu, Priyamani December Below Average
46 Katha Arun,Genelia December Average
47 Avatar Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana December Box-Office Hit
48 Saleem Manchu Vishnu,Ileana December Below Average
49 Gentle man Posani Krishna Murali,Aarthi agarwal December Below Average

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Jun 20, 2014 at 08:09 am

i like this because select the good movies for seing


Oct 14, 2010 at 12:40 am

very very intresting it was an excellent article but it woulid be super b if some pics are added


Aug 20, 2010 at 06:37 am

2012 and Avataar influenced other telugu movies flops. Telugu film should have some realistic events,unfortunately contains impossible Events like one hero finishing 100 of rowdies,with his actions surrounding places shievering, what is this?


May 20, 2010 at 11:29 am

very good. here there is no any partial.


Apr 12, 2010 at 5:20 pm

it is very good,by seeing this we have a glance look about all the movies

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