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Ram, Santosh Srinivas film release on 30 September

Ram, Santosh Srinivas film release on 30 September

I Want To Dub And Sing In My Next Telugu Film - Aditi Singh

I Want To Dub And Sing In My Next Telugu Film - Aditi Singh

The BFG release on July 29th

The BFG release on July 29th

Dream combinations of Director and Producer

Dream combinations of Director and Producer - Exclusive

on Jan 31, 2011

Despite the growing number of films year on year. Why the media, people in & out side the Telugu film industry are distressed on the standards of Telugu cinema?

100+ films released in 2010, how many of these are successful? How many of these are out of established production houses? It doesn’t mean films from new production are lacking quality. How many of these new to the industry are coming with passion, commitment, dedication & integrity? Not many, can count on fingers are the answers for all the above.

Owner of the ship and captain of the ship co-ordination makes a better cinema. So, here we put up our views on combinations of a few Producers who always make their names on the Top of the list and the directors with lots of passion towards cinema. Let’s see the combinations

Allu Arvind – RGV

He is the producer who knows the business of cinema the most; He is the director who knows how to make business out of cinema. Ramu is capable of making 10 movies out of Arvind’s highest ever budget so far, Arvind is capable of taking home twofold to his highest ever grosser out of 10 movies. Irrespective of the cast, Arvind & Ramu are enough to create a market for themselves. Let’s call it a Commercial Combo.

Shyam Prasad Reddy – S S Raja Mouli

Shyam Prasad and Raja Mouli are the two who can see beyond the imagination, their vision is always out of the box. Shyam’s planning will be an advantage for Raja Mouli’s perfect scripting. Raja Mouli’s strong in-house team is an advantage for Shyam’s Production. For sure it will be the best visual pleasure for the Telugu audience, and much required hard kick to the Box-Office. Let’s call it a Visual Combo.

Aswini Dutt – Deva Katta

This combo is for Deva Katta, The one who is really needed for Telugu film industry. He is the one who experienced an awful production for a classic he has made. Aswini dutt, one among the distinguished producers with bag full of glory is advantageous for film makers like Deva, who can re-write the list of Telugu cinema classics. Let’s call it a Classic Combo.

Suresh Babu – Chandra Sekhar Yeleti

Two intellectuals together can deliver a most intellectual product. Chandra sekhar yeleti so far in his 4 films career has proven him as a thought provoking film maker. A production like Suresh Babu’s will give an extra calorie of confidence and enough space for intellectual film makers like Chandu. Let’s call it an Intellectual combo.

And many more combos, will make audience enjoy Cinema as much as their hot Pop-Corn and Chilled Soft Drink in the break.

In our view, Telugu film industry doesn’t need stories like “UgraNaram, Man with Muscle” Telugu cinema just needs an Intellectual Visual Classic Commercial Cinema!

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