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Ram, Santosh Srinivas film release on 30 September

Ram, Santosh Srinivas film release on 30 September

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I Want To Dub And Sing In My Next Telugu Film - Aditi Singh

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The BFG release on July 29th

Biggest Disasters of 2010

Biggest Disasters of 2010 - Exclusive

on Jan 31, 2011

Bigger the hype of a film, higher is the expectations. This is related to almost all languages of films. However Tollywood seems to be a bit different. Popular the actors are, higher would be the film’s budget followed by the expectations. This is the Tollywood’s scenario these days.

But, one has to remember that the popularity of the actor alone cannot help in film’s success. The cinema is not a one man show, it is a team effort. The whole team needs to contribute their full efforts to bring out the best. Direction, screenplay, editing, production, art, music, visual effects and others, every department needs to give their best else the film remains as a bad memory to the whole unit.

Tollywood films automatically gains craze if the star actor starts up the project. Due to the actors craze the producers are lavishly spending on the film irrespective of the script requirement. Huge budgeted films that were expected to top at the box-office are sometimes turning as disasters and finally resulting in huge losses for producers and distributors.

Let’s have a look at some of the biggest disasters of 2010.


Being a Nagarjuna starrer, Kedi came up with huge expectations but failed miserably. Kedi was directed by debutant Kiran and produced by D.Siva Prasad Reddy. Mamta Mohandas played the female lead. Nagarjuna is only the saving grace of Kedi.

What went wrong?

Ram Gopal Varma, Krishna Vamsi reached heights by making their debut with Nagarjuna. However, the new director Kiran totally failed in the narration of a script with many loopholes in it. Too many twists in the tale made the audience confused. Music too is the other backdrop of the film.


With a catchy title and the film’s first look with Allu Arjun in a Telugu ‘Varudu’ makeover, unrevealing the heroines face till release date made the audience wait for the film to watch. From the talented people like Guna Sekhar, DVV.Danayya, Allu Arjun, Mani Sharma, what can anyone expect? Definitely a hit film, but the film ended up as unexpected disaster

What went wrong?

It is a praiseworthy thought to come up with an idea of a real Telugu 5 day wedding. But Gunasekhar is totally out of the concept and left the audience with meaningless concept and fights. One gets a doubt after watching ‘Varudu’ that Is it the same Gunasekhar who has directed Okkadu and Arjun films. The director totally missed his plot taking it to on-screen. Frankly, I'd rather end up watching nothing than watching this worthless film.

Maro Charitra

Dil Raju, Varun Sandesh’s ‘Maro Charitra’ reached the big-screens with great expectations since it is inspired from the yesteryear’s classic hit ‘Maro Charitra’ made by the legendary director K Balachander. Kamal Haasan and Saritha lived in their roles and the emotionality in their expressions pulled the audience to big screens again and again. But, the remake shows us a sorry picture.

What went wrong?

The emotional depth seen in the original version is no where seen in the new one. Though we try hard to connect with the first half of the film, second-half totally tests our patience with its up’s and down’s in narration. Director Ravi Yadav has totally concentrated on spirit of content and scenic beauty rather than story narration. Ultimately, Maro Charitra is quite disappointing and nowhere compared with the yester-year’s classic.

Komaram Puli

Pawan Kalyan film itself creates hype among the audiences and fans. And that too Pawan Kalyan is reaching the theaters after 2 long years by teaming up with S.J.Surya who gave him all time biggest blockbuster ‘Kushi’. The expectations were on cloud nine. Unfortunately the biggest budget film resulted as a disaster and a turning point to producer Singamala Ramesh’s film career. With an overall investment of 40cr, Komaram Puli turned out as one of the absolute disaster movies of all time.

What went wrong:

To be frank, everything was disappointing about the film. The film stayed in shelves for about two years and this has affected the screenplay badly. There is no continuity from scene to scene, poor graphics, week choreography, lengthy and repetitive dialogues by Pawan Kalyan, lack of comedy. Editing was another disaster.


After three big years Mahesh returned on-screens with Khaleja. Like none of his previous Mahesh has promoted the film through Twitter. This has created an added interest and hype to the film. One of the highest budgeted flicks, Mahesh return after long break, the hot and happening Anushka pairing opposite Mahesh and more than anything Trivikram, Mahesh’s combo lead to higher expectations. But sorry to say, Khaleja was added to our disaster’s list of 2010.

What went wrong?

Khaleja has become Mahesh’s show. The main plot of the film starts only after one and half hour. Confused screenplay lead the audience in other way and the story is understood only in last 30 minutes of the film. Trivikram seems to have lost the grip on the film.


The most awaited film of the season due to its hype and successful track record of Bhaskar and Ram Charan made us to wait for the film. ‘Orange Movie Review’ is the most searched keyword on Google Search Engine. This is one example of the film’s craze. However, unexpectedly the film ended up without reaching the expectations. ‘Orange’ is not a disaster as per the film and many might have enjoyed watching it too but looking it in a financial perspective it results as a disaster

What went wrong?

The film is too classy in its appeal and there is nothing to offer for masses. Genelia’s over action in the first half an hour leaves you a bad impression on the film initially. Editing could have been better. The climax of the film screwed up and finally ends on a confusion note. The simple story neither requires an Australian backdrop nor a huge budget. Director made the film lavishly without rich content and made the poor producer and distributors end up in losses.

Well, we have made the fair judgment in analyzing the disastrous films of 2010. Hope you agree with our list else post your comments below.

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