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"This success has taught me that a star alone can't be credited for a film's success, which is usually achieved by a team. No star is bigger than the success of a film," Prabhas told.

The success of "Baahubali", according to the 35-year-old actor, belongs to every last member of the team who worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth release.

"Firstly, it's not easy to make a film on such a grand scale. The bigger challenge nowadays is to take a film to the theatres. In our case, we didn't face any difficulty in releasing, which was only possible because of meticulous planning and team work," he said.

Despite appreciations pouring in from all quarters for his performance, Prabhas doesn't consider himself a national star yet.

"It felt nice when stars like Ranbir Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan appreciated my performance. Rajinikanth sir called and congratulated me. Such things have never happened before. I'm glad I'm popular, people recognise wherever I go, but it's too early to be called a national star," he said.

Released in multiple languages, the film earned over Rs.600 crore at the ticket window and even successfully completed 100 days of run in select theatres in the country last week.

Although Prabhas admits they wanted the film to succeed, he says they never anticipated this kind of response.

"When a film of this scale is made, you want it to be a blockbuster because mere success won't help the producers recover money. What surprised us the most was that the film did extremely well in Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam too," said Prabhas, who'd like to thank Rajamouli the most for this success.

"If Rajamouli is the brain and heart of 'Baahubali', the producers are its skeleton, holding everything together and the fans are the blood. Rajamouli deserves all the laurels, but he's so modest that he diverts all of it towards his team," he said.

"Baahubali" is now gearing up for its television premiere this week in Telugu and Hindi.

"I hope it becomes the most viewed Indian film on television. It's quite possible as this is not some regular commercial film that you watch once and forget. My cousins, who've already watched it a few times, have said that the experience had gotten better with each viewing," he said, and added it will be the perfect treat for families this Dussehra festival.

The Hindi version of the film will have its world TV premiere on Sunday on Sony Max - after Dussehra on Oct 22.

Prabhas will start shooting for the second part in the instalment from November. Before he goes to the sets, he will muscle up.

"I've already started growing my moustache. Since my shoulder surgery, I haven't been in the best shape as I was advised not to work out. Now that I'm doing much better, I'll start gymming soon. I weighed around 95 kg in the first part, I have to maintain it and look muscular too," he said.

Unlike other stars, Prabhas says he's not under pressure to deliver minimum of two films a year. He spent nearly two years on the first part of the film and may spend another year on part two.

"Even if I was required to spend four years, I'd have happily worked. An opportunity such as this you get once in a lifetime and it'd be stupid to jeopardize it," he signs off.

<![CDATA[It's better to do a film that works: Mahesh Babu ]]> 2015-07-29 12:19:43 aditya Telugu film superstar Mahesh Babu feels it’s safer for stars like him to do commercial films as lot of lives depend on big-budgets projects such as his.

Mahesh has had his share of flops in his career. But he treats success and failure on par.

"A hit film is what we work for as actors as that goes to show that we have managed to entertain our audiences who shower us with their love and affection throughout the years," Mahesh told.

"It's better to do a film that works. I try to work on a film that my audiences would appreciate and enjoy their time in a theatre. Also, a lot of lives are dependent on one film that we make, so a successful film only makes those families happier," he said, and added that it's tough to judge the fate of any film.

Not an exception when it comes to pressure, he feels acting is the only profession in which hard work is usually judged by a single show.

“Pressure is part and parcel of our career. I’m under pressure with all my films. And the reason we are always under pressure is because it’s only in our profession that months and even years of hard work is judged by the first show on Friday,” Mahesh said.

Despite being around in the industry for over a decade with hits such as “Okkadu”, “Athadu”, “Pokkiri” and “Dookudu” to his credit, he feels he still has so much to learn as an actor.

“No good actor ever stops learning. He is constantly evolving. From my first film to now it has been a very interesting journey. Over the years, I’ve learnt from co-actors, directors, technicians and even from junior artists. Even today I enter the sets like it’s my first day of shoot,” he said.

After two back-to-back debacles such as “1: Nenokkadine” and “Aagadu”, Mahesh has his hopes pinned on “Srimanthudu”, which hits the screens on August 7.

The film is about giving back to the society.

“It’s an interesting concept treated commercially. When director Koratala Siva pitched the idea a year ago, I quite liked it. It has something for everybody. My character Harsha is quite different from all the roles I’ve done so far in my career,” said Mahesh.

As the theme of the film suggests, he says the film will give back to the audience something beyond entertainment.

With “Srimanthudu”, Mahesh has turned co-producer with Mythri Movie Makers. He says it was done for creative purpose and not for monetary reasons.

“Starting a production house was mainly to give my producers (the actual producers of our film) a free hand in terms of the scale of the film and not to compromise on quality during the making,” he said.

“Srimanthudu” will be dubbed in Tamil and simultaneously released along with its Telugu version.

Asked if he was cashing in on the trend set by S.S. Rajamouli’s “Baahubali”, he said: “We were to explore this idea with my last film but it somehow didn’t work out”.

Unlike “Srimanthudu”, his next film “Brahmotsavam” will be made as a Tamil-Telugu bilingual.

“The script of the film is such that it will work in both the languages without having to change much. And it’s precisely why we’ve decided to make it as a bilingual,” said Mahesh, who is proud of the success of “Baahubali”.

He had pushed the release of “Srimanthudu” from July to August to allow the solo release of “Baahubali”.

“Our entire film fraternity should be proud of ‘Baahubali’. These are the kind of films that are not made very often. It was Rajamouli sir’s vision and passion that made all this possible,” he said.

<![CDATA[‘Baahubali’ success an achievement in Indian cinema: Vijayendra Prasad]]> 2015-07-21 12:07:53 aditya Writer-director K.V Vijayendra Prasad says the success of S.S Rajamouli-directed "Baahubali" should be celebrated as an achievement in Indian cinema and should not be restricted to one language or industry alone.

Prasad, the father of Rajamouli, is the writer behind "Baahubali", a film that was released on July 10 and has grossed over Rs. 350 crore worldwide in just ten days.

"The success of 'Baahubali' belongs to Indian cinema. Although it's being celebrated as Telugu cinema's biggest achievement, I feel it shouldn't be restricted to one industry or language," Prasad, who is extremely pleased with the overwhelming response to the film, told.

Originally made as a Telugu-Tamil bilingual, the film also released in Malayalam and Hindi.

"The fact that the film has been accepted nationally and has done well in other languages proves that it doesn't belong to one industry. The success of the film is a big achievement in Indian cinema," he said.

He says audiences have a big contribution in this success.

"Audiences decide the fate of any film. Nobody can guarantee the success of a film. When my son started working on 'Baahubali', he didn't set out to make a blockbuster. He made a film that we believed will be accepted globally and the numbers have proved it," said Prasad, who has also penned the story of Salman Khan-starrer "Bajrangi Bhaijaan".

He's pleased that both the films have been accepted unanimously.

"I'm happy that two good films have been unanimously appreciated and accepted. Even if I had not written these films, I'd have wished the same because only when good cinema gets its due credit, will we get more such films," he added.

If the Mahabharat was the inspiration behind "Baahubali", Salman's Eid release, which has already raked in over Rs. 100 crore in just three days, is inspired from an old Chiranjeevi film and also based on a real life story.

"Chiranjeevi's 1987 Telugu film 'Pasivadi Pranam' moved me a lot. I wanted to rehash it and give it a contemporary touch. I had also learnt about the story of a Pakistani couple who came to India for their daughter's heart surgery because they couldn't afford it in their country," he said.

"The parents were touched by the generosity of the Indians so much that they couldn't stop talking about it. This got me thinking. I decided to work on a story that connected people over India-Pakistan border," he added.

Kabir Khan-directed "Bajrangi Bhaijaan" is jointly produced by Salman Khan and Kannada producer Rockline Venkatesh.

Aamir Khan was the first choice for the film.

"It was through an acquaintance we met Aamir Khan and narrated the story. He loved it, but could not sign it as he was busy with other commitments. Later, I met Kabir Khan, who made me narrate the story to Salman, who upon hearing it immediately agreed to do it," he said.

Reportedly, the project was also offered to Rajinikanth, Puneeth Rajkumar and Allu Arjun.

Prasad admits Salman was the best choice for the film.

"All the work he's been doing through his Being Human foundation, particularly, the 2,000 heart operations he recently funded, made him apt for the lead role of Pawan/Bajrangi. And thanks to his humanitarian acts, Salman gave the character a realistic touch," he said.

Meanwhile, the veteran writer is excited about his next Hindi outing.

It'll be about Baghmati's love story with a reincarnation angle. I plan to make it as a bilingual in Hindi and Telugu with a popular South star. If the bilingual idea is not feasible, I'll just make it in Hindi and release it nationally," said Prasad, who is busy wrapping up his yet-untitled upcoming Telugu directorial.

"This will be my first attempt at a thriller. It's based on some research on psychological disorder. Interestingly, the lead character in this film is a lesbian, and I'm curious to know how our audiences will react to it," he said.

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